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Long time ago, the search for electricity generation without fossil fuels began. It occurred in private large labs, small garages, publicly funded projects as well as privately built systems.

Soultions were found, but the economical, and political systems were not ready.  issues of patent, monopolies, and mass production of fossil based technologies made the new understandigs impossible to be spread all over the world.
The catalist for the new technologies came from a different area..... Communications and the internet.

Thanks to the Internet, fast communication within engineers in different areas; acces to patent records; easy to retrieve lab results from large and small labs; university information and cheap components from different places in the world, made the building and optimization of this old technologies feasible.



The opportunity to empower people;  produce energy at low costs; have reliable supplies;  have electricity generation distributed instead of centralized, and obtain energy that is benigne to  the environment are consequence of all this advances.

The future is a grand leap forward, not a minuscule, progressive increment in efficiency.
The original design patent, is not property of Infnitoom, but the successives steps in optimization, manufacturability, reliability and cost reductions are.

At infinitoom we are proud to be part of a new paradign in electricity generation. 

Descentralized, continuous, reliable, simple, scalable, environmetally friendly electricity generation.

 The Power of Now.